* Each participant who will attend the symposium must pay a registration fee. In studies belonging to more than one participant, each author who wants to get a certificate of participation must pay at least one registration fee.
* A maximum of two studies by the same author can be submitted for one registration fee. In case of more than two studies, 100 TL must be paid for each study in addition to the registration fee. Master and PhD students can submit only one study with a single registration fee.
* Registration fees deposited will not be refunded.

Services included in the registration fee:
– Online participation in presentation sessions and invited speaker sessions
– Electronic attendance certificate

Registration fees must be deposited into the account below:
Bank name: Ziraat Bankası
Branch name: 9 Eylül Şubesi
Account name: Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Döner Sermaye İşletmesi Buca Eğitim Fakültesi Birimi
IBAN: TR 6000 0100 1506 0679 9887 5047

To prevent any inexactitude,
Each participant should pay his/her own fee,
Each participant should pay for her/himself only not as a group,
During the registration, the following information must be given based on the type of participation;
“[Name Surname]_Presentation_UBEST2021”
“[Name Surname]_Performance/Exhibition_UBEST2021”, whether is the payment for a bulletin or an exhibition/performance.
“[Name Surname]_Audience_UBEST2021”

Example for Payment Explanation:
For a Presentation: John NEWTON_Presentation_UBEST2021
For a Performance/Exhibition: John NEWTON_Exhibiton/Performance_UBEST2021
For an Audience: John NEWTON_Audience_UBEST2021

Payment documents should send to the e-mail address with the same explanations added.