Paper Submission

The language of the abstract paper should be the same as the presentation language (Turkish or English). The abstract page should include the title, author information, abstract text and keywords, respectively.

– Title: the first letters of the words other than conjunctions should be written in capital. The title of the study should clearly reflect its content. Unless necessary, abbreviations should not be used in the title.

Author information: The title of the author or authors, name, surname, institution information and e-mail address should be included.

– Abstract: Abstract text should be maximum 300 words. The sections to be emphasized in the text should be written in italics. The purpose, method, findings, conclusions and the significance of the study should be clearly written in the abstract text.

– Keywords: After the abstract, at least three and at most five keywords should be included.

Please send your abstract using electronic form below:


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29 December 2021

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