Aim & Scope

The aim of the 2nd International Science, Education, Art and Technology Symposium, which sets off with the theme the Emerging Needs and Future of Education, is to create an interactive discussion environment regarding the foresights and solution strategies for the future in the context of contemporary trends and needs in the field of education according to the changing world with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

By attending this symposium, which will be hosted in the online platform, researchers, teachers, and undergraduate and graduate students present their research and share the studies, ideas and experience. In addition, our symposium aims to bring together researchers working in different fields in order to lay the groundwork for effective interactions and new perspectives, to develop cooperation among them, and to contribute to the research in terms of quality for the emerging needs and future of education.

Today, education systems and implications need to be updated and developed according to the developments in social and technological fields and the needs arising with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The need for updating, in the most general sense, includes digitalization of education, educational policies and teacher education programs. In particular, the changing conditions  and emerging needs in teacher education shape the future of education. Therefore, while planning the  2nd International Science, Education, Art and Technology Symposium, the theme Emerging Needs and Future of Education was chosen and  the themes below have been designated in this framework. The scope of the symposium is not limited with the ones listed below and other issues related to education are also included in the scope of the symposium.

  • Art Education
  • Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Designing, Implementing and Improving Online Education
  • Developments and Innovative Practices in Teacher Training
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education Programmes and Instruction
  • Education Technologies
  • Educational Studies on Migration
  • Effective Teaching Practices in Online, Blended, and Hybrid Education
  • Environment Education
  • Examples of Efficient In-class Applications
  • Geography Education
  • History Education
  • Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Measurement and Evaluation in Education
  • Music Education
  • Online Learning and Teaching
  • Physics Education
  • Post-graduate Programs in Teacher Training
  • Primary Education
  • Psychological Services and Psychological Health in Education / Counseling
  • Science Education
  • Social Science Education
  • Special Education
  • STEM Education
  • Teacher Training and Education
  • Turkish Education
  • Turkish Language and Literacy Education

* Note that only the sessions in the area of French Language and Education will be held in French. Presentations in other areas  will be in English or Turkish.

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29 December 2021

Happy New Year!

Conference Organization Committee